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September Wine Class - Old World VS New World Wines

Old World VS New World Wines:

If you read about wines at all, you're bound to come across the terms
"old world" and "new world" to describe both where a wine comes from and
the style in which it is made.  So what do these terms mean?

Simply put, old world wines come from Europe and new world wines come
from everywhere else, which is simple enough.  When you begin to talk
about the stylistic differences, things become a little more complicated
and interesting.  Join us as we sample Chardonnay, Red Blend, and Pinot Noir
from both old world and new world winemaking countries and explore their
stylistic differences.  Six wines will be tasted.

Wine classes are held the 4th Monday of each month.  The classes are casual and interactive and are led by our resident wine and beer expert, Cory Lyerly. The fee is just $15 per person.  Each 1.5-2 hour class will start at 7pm and focus on a specific wine related theme and feature six wines, snacks, and reading material.

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